Garfield,Simon. Just My Type. Gotham Books.


 Do you really think so? Do the words referred above look like that?

 A woman lost her job for inappropriate use of capital letters in email. The author of Just My Type takes her as an example of victim of "CAPITAL OFFENCE".As far as I'm concerned, that quoted remarks look less offensive and are shouting less loudly than the original texts do.

 The quotation on this blog uses different font from the original passage. That is why the capital letter effect looks small, I think. Not only capital/lower letters but also fonts can change the image of words.

 "type can have gender."(p.25)

Some fonts look manly, whereas others look female.

 Then how much power do fonts have?

 A man tried to spend a day without Helvetica. Helvetica is a widespread font.It's hard to notice that many words such as logos, signs,passages on the Internet,and so on you see in a day wrapped in Helvetica. As a result he couldn't and thought to himself,'Do you need type to live?'(p.127)

 "If you remember the shape of your spoon at lunch, it has to be the wrong shape,"(p.140) said Frutiger, who designed Univers and Frutiger. He moved on, "The spoon and the letter are tools; one to take food from the bowl, the other to take information off the page"(p.140)

 And Beatrice Warde had theory that " the best type existed merely to communicate an idea."(p.58) She thought "The more a reader becomes aware of a typeface or a layout on a page, the worse that typography is."(p.58)

 For designers and font makers what is unnoticeable is the ideal. But they do exist and have various influences. It could be used for manipulation. Thinking of Helvetica, which surrounds us stealthly, knowledge and competence of identifying fonts are important.

 "Identifying a particular font can be the most infuriating task, and designers can spoil their whole day by walking past a shop window and seeing something they can't name."(p.173)

 Even if it could be almost impossible task for the laymen.