Sontag,Susan. On Photography. Picador.

"In America, the photographer is not simply the person who records the past but the one who invents it."(p.67)

 Photographs, especially group photos, evoke nostalgia. Even if the persons on them are alive, I think they have already been dead. Photographs of landscape, architecture, flowers and so on have sometimes same effects on me. Why does photography influence me like that? Susan Sontag's On Photography is famous book. Many people referred to it. I read this book in order to ponder the question.

 "photographers not only set themselves the task of recording a disappearing world but were so employed by those hastening its disappearance."(p.76)

 When do people take pictures? I think they do to record the existence of the photographed. In that sense taking pictures itself demonstrates that the photographed will vanish someday. Photography could left the present in the same state but in fact it tells us its change is inevitable.

 "All photographs are memento mori."(p.15)