Tudge, Colin.The Bird.Three Rivers Press

Birds are familiar to me. At least I thoght so.On my way to office I often come across some sparrows. In a parking lot some crows toddled and in the sky something birdlike flies. But actually I know little about them.
"In truth, we who envy the birds their freedom are freer than they are."(p.205)
When I face the harsh reality or got beaten up by some trifles I think I could fly away like birds. This is nothing more than my assumpton. In fact the birds are restricted in various ways.
Let's take migration as an example. If they leave in the wrong time they can't get preys at the destination. If they leave in the wrong condition, they may run out of the energey in the middle of the route.
The Bird is very thick book. From cover to cover this tells us the diverse features of birds. The more you know about them, the more you will know about yourself in comparison with them.
"while birds are worth studying for their own sake, they can also tell us a great deal about ourselves."(p.26)