Kostova,Elizabeth.<em>The historian</em>. Little Brown.

'history's terrible moments were real.'(p.37)
Someone's history might be others' memory. I can't feel reality about the events which occurred before my birth. If my relatives experienced them and told me about them they will become a part of my memories.
'I, for one, alas, have no son―or daughter―to whom to pass my trust'(p.428)
People are mortal.
'I became an historian in order to preserve my history forever.'(p.576)
What does history mean for the immortal?If people can live forever, there won't be any history for them. The period of time when they live should be the objects of their remembering.
'the study of history should be our preparation for understanding the present, rather than an escape from it'(p.305)
Pondering on it, an historian's remark is very impressive.
'I have no one to whom to write this, and no hope that it will ever be found, but it seems to me a crime not to attempt to record my knowledge while I am still able to'(p.566)