Carson,Rachel.<em>Silent Spring.</em>Mariner Books.

Many books which deal with ecological problems reffered to Silent Spring.The author, Rachel Carson is very famous.
'It is human nature to shrug off what may seem to us a vague threat of future disaster.'(p.189)
This book tells us the danger of some chemicals such as pesticides, insecticides, weed killers, and so on. These contaminated the ecosystem and as a result various species vanished.
'There was not a sound of the song of a bird.'(p.104)
I've heard the title. But I know little about the contents.
'Better information has led to later reduction or withdrawal of the tolerance, but only after the public has been exposed to admittedly dangerous levels of the chemical for months or years.(p.182)
This passeges remind me of radiation or radioactive ray.
'In the kaleidoscope of shifting conditions, what dose of a carcinogen can be "safe" except a zero dose?'(p.239)
I got interested in her description of cancer disease. I heard she died of cancer. The parts describing carcinogen seem to me too objective.
'efforts to find cures must of course continue. But for those not yet touched by the disease and certainly for the generations as yet unborn, prevention is the imperative need.'(p.243)
How did she feel it as a personal matter?