Sachar, Louis.<em>Holes</em>.Yearling

This book is famous as excellent YA book. Actually, this won the Newbery Medal. I got interested in it and read.
'Teach the bully a lesson'(p.135)
People can be divided into two categories. The bully and the bullied. Bullying is irrational. How can we resist it?
'No one liked him, and the truth was, he didn't especially like himself.'(p.186)
Can the victim's effort to change himself be a solution? Does digging holes really build character? It's difficult to reach the universal solution.
'My heart is breaking.' 'I can fix that,'(p.111)
Friends can be one of them.
'When you spend your whole life in a hole,' 'the only way you can go is up.'(p.160)