Forman, Gayle.<em>If I stay</em>.Black Swan

'visits are restricted to immediate family.'(p.117)
A girl got seriously injured in a car accident.Her boyfriend came to the hospital to see her and was said like above.What is the permission of grief? Sometimes I wonder if I could be allowed to mourn his/her loss.I'm not their spouse nor friend. I might not be acquainted with them. In that case, my grief may not be acceptable. It will be denied, even though family is not the only bond with the life.
'I wonder if every dying person gets to decide whether they stay or go.'(pp.192-3)
If you can see the bright side of the life, you could decide to stay here.
'I was overwhelmed with gratitude to be friends with someone who often seemed to understand me better than I understood myself.'(p.141)
The bright side may be friends.
'no one has talked to me since the accident. They talk about me.'(p.76)
But there also are the dark sides of it.
'I realize now that dying is easy. Living is hard.'(p.187)
Whether life is bright or not, you have to make decision by yourself. In her shoes, which way will I choose?
'Why can't someone else decide this for me?'(p.193)
'If I stay. If I live. It's up to me.'(p.97)