Balliett, Blue.<em>Chasing Vermeer</em>.Scholastic

A painting of Vermeer was stolen. Two children, who have supersutitious relationship with the picture, started to find where it is.

'People liked to see what they were supposed to see,and find what they were supposed to find.'(p.45)

This book reminds me of Konigsburg's From the mixed-up files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler. In Konigsburg's book a girl and her younger brother seek the secret of famous sculpture. The truth is not revealed to the public. But it does exist and is kept in their mind.

'They didnt know if the world was ready for it.'(p.254)

The seekers of Velmeer's painting didn't tell the whole story.They left their own secret kept as Konigsburg's children did.It is said secret makes a woman woman. It might be safe to say secret makes the immature matured. The secret may be called a lie, but it makes sense to them, I suppose.

'Picasso said that art is a lie, but a lie that tells the truth.'(p.36)