Sunstein, Cass R.<em>Republic.com2.0</em>.Princeton University Press

Some years ago I read a book about blog flaming. In that book the author referred to Sustein's 'cybercascades'. It a little bit sounds like a buzz word. But I got interested in this word and read this book.

'cybercascades―processes of information exchange in which a certain fact or point of view becomes widespread, simply because so many people seem to believe it.'(p.44)

'Cybercascades' are defined like this. Putting it more specifically, 'Liberals, reading liberal blogs, will end up being more liberal; conservatives will become more conservative if they restrict themselves to conservative blogs.'(p.145)

Indeed, exposure to various opinions is important. But I might think it a waste of time just like consumers think something opposing to their tastes or preferences are wastes of money.

'Consumers are not citizens, and it is a large error to conflate the two.'(p.136)

But a person can be consumer and citizen at the same time. While a person enjoys low prices as a consumer , the same person worries about unemployment caused by cost down and out sourcing. 

Something acceptable for a person as a consumer might be unacceptable for the same person as a citizen, and vice versa.

Suppose fierce attacks in blog flaming are caused by rejection of others, how could I compromise with others in me.