Hilton,James.<em>GOOD-BYE,mr.chips</em>.Little,Brown and Company

This book describes a life of a teacher.

"Yes―umph―I have,"(p.131)

Some days ago I watched a drama on TV. It described activities of doctors in emergency room and social problems. A patient was teacher. She didn't marry anyone . And she didn't have any sons and daughters. She suffered cancer and it was in fatal stage. Then doctors and nurses suspected she lived a lonely and hollow life. A female doctor regarded the patient's situations as her own situations. Usually people might think female life without marriage and pregnancy as almost meaningless.But doctors can help a lot of mothers , sons and daughters. Teachers can also help them. Then isn't it safe to say that they do raise their children? In the drama a large number of patient's students attended the funeral. It indicated that she was an excellent teacher and did raise them.

Mr. Chips also didn't get his sons and dauthers in biological sense. But his life must not be meaningless.

"Pity. Pity he never had any children."(p.130)

"Yes―umph―I have,"(p.131)

Even if 'all things are forgotten in the end'(p.132),Mr.Chips never forget his children.

'I never forget them.I have thousands of faces in my mind―the faces of boys.'(p.89)