Creech,Sharon.<em>WALK TWO MOONS</em>.Harper Trophy.

The moon has two faces. Bright one and dark one. From the earth we can't see the front side and the back at once.In various standpoints of view the moon looks different.It might be no use asking which moon is true.

In Walk two moons two families are mainly described. Each family lost the mothers. To the daughters the leave means lost of their mothers. To the fathers it means lost of their wives. To grand parents it means lost of their daughters (or daughters in law). They can't help asking themselves why she left them.

In the story a girl received a message. It says, "Don't judge a man until you've walked two moons in his moccasins."

A person can be right and wrong at the same time. Which they really look like might depend on who the observer are. Then I have to be in her or his shoes to make fair judgement.

The main charecter got able to see things from the other people's perspective through the trip to her mother. As a reader I can also think them in their shoes. Growing up means seeing things in other people's sight, I think.