Pullman,Philip.<em>The Subtle Knife</em>.Yearling

The Subtle Knife is the second book of His Dark materials trilogy.The first book, The Golden Compass, was very interesting and I read this book.

'only we can't see them and we haven't got a name for them, but they're there'(p263)

I watched the film of The Golden Compass and got disappointed with differences between the book and the film. In my opinion the film couldn't express some contrasts enough.

In this story some contrasts are outstanding. For example, children and grown-ups is one of them. It might be a kind of metaphor to indicate those who well experienced and those who not. Indeed, I can see the difference between them, but both of them are driven by something in common. It could be called obsession. 'The Oblation Board fears and hates Dust, and the Specters feast on it, but it's Dust both of them are obsessed by.'(p280) I could interpret this obsession as an aspect of the structure. Even if we haven't called the structure by the true name, it is there.

This book is closed in the middle of the development. I have to read the last book, The Amber Spyglass, to know the end.