Pullman, Philip.<em>The Golden Compass</em>.Yearling.

This book is the first book of His Dark Materials trilogy.The film of this book is going to be released in Japan next month. As Harry Potter series and the Lord of the Rings trilogy, it may be sold. I read this book out of vulgar curiosity.

I got interested in the relationship between human and daemon.Daemon seems to represent human's nature. ' As long as there have been human beings, they have had daemons. It's what makes us diffrent from animals.'(p316)Daemons can change it's shapes until their humans get matured.Once they grow up, they fix the shape.This relationship plays important roles in the story and makes conflict of values clear.

Roughly speaking, whether knowledge is good or bad is a point of the conflict, I think. Something tragetic happens in the end of this book. But the heroine reached the tentative conclusion. To know by her own will make the future.I have to read other two books to know what her future is.