Hanff,Helene.<em>84,Charing Cross Road.</em>Penguin Books.

This book contains a correspondence between a freelance writer in New York and a used book dealer in London. I heard that it should tug the heartstrings of bookworms. I don't know whether I am a one or not, but at least I like reading. So, I read this book.

The correspondence began in the end of 1940's. I found shadow casted by WWⅡin several parts. For example, the writer sent some eggs to the book dealer since they couldn't get enough because of the ration. I couldn't help wondering how the books survived the war.

It follows from their letters that the dealer couldn't get richer. I once heard that booksellers can't get much money. Some writers and scholars can obtain money and fame. And reading a lot of books might make a gread help to them, I think.Then,to some extent absent-mindedly I wonder what the meaning of booksellers is.